Situation of Nepali Press and Freedom of expression in the year 2016

The year 2016 was relatively safe for the journalists in Nepal compared with the previous year, but not satisfactory. In 2015, in the context of different movements going on in different of the country, there was higher number of press freedom violation. The numbers recorded this year, although far less, is still high for a relatively safer year. 56 Incidents of Press Freedom violations were recorded by the Media Monitoring Unit of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) in the year 2016. Among them 10 journalists were arrested by the police within the year at different times while they were actively involved in journalism.

Likewise, 10 journalists were attacked while they were on the reporting, 15 were misbehaved and harassed by the different people or groups while they were in duty, 4 incidents of Media attack and 2 incidents of attack on equipment were recorded by the media monitoring unit.2 Media organizations were taken under control by political parties and established their contact office. Likewise, 5 incidents of threats to journalists and 5 incidents of detention occurred in connection of reporting for press. In the same way 1 incident of threat to media house and 1 incident of obstruction in broadcasting of radio happened in the year. Likewise, 1 Journalist was fired unlawfully form the job.

Senior Journalist Kanak Mani Dixit was arrested on April 22 by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority for investigation. The anti-graft body probed the property details of Dixit on suspicion of amassing property disproportionate to his known source of income as the chairman of Sajha Yatayat, a transportation cooperative. He is the publisher of Himal Media

Likewise, Bhadragoal Kirati, Chief Editor of Gaule Monthly, was arrested by the police on May 8. Federation of Nepali journalists Council Member Chandramaan Shrestha was arrested on May 24 on the reason of news published in

Journalist Sesh Narayan Jha from Samayabodh Monthly magazine was arrested by the police while he was taking photograph of Singhadurbar gate, the central secretariat, on May 24. Journalist Ramesh Mahatara and Jaya Dahal were arrested by the police on the 23 September while they were reporting on one hour strike of Nepal Communist Party (Revolutionary Maoist).

Journalist Ganesh Achharya, who works at Ganatrantra national daily, was arrested by the Dang police on October 26. Likewise, Ramchandra Khadka editor of Unity Voice monthly was arrested from Tribhuvan International Airport on November 3 while he was reporting the arrival of Indian President Pranab Mukherjee.

Mahesh Rana Magar a Journalist form Solukhumbu was arrested by the Chitwan District police on November 20 and Arjun Thapaliya was arrested on 22 November in Siraha District. Thapaliya is the editor of Anukalpa Dainik. Whereas, all the journalist were release after some day’s with the required investigation.

Journalist and writer Sneha Shyami and Sudip Bardewa were detained for some hours by Police while they were on their duty. Similarly, journalists Mohan Bastola and Lokraj Jaishi were also detained by the police in different times within the year. Likewise, Dinesh Singh Mahara was detained for some hours at Kanchanpur District police office while he was there for reporting.

All the arrested and detained journalists were released later.

Janadesh weekly was taken under control by the spokesperson of Naya Shakti political party Spokesperson Khimlal Devkota on February 21. Likewise Federation of Nepali Journalists Saptari District chapter office was taken under control by Sadbawana party led by Rajendra Mahatto on August 4.

Radio Dhading 106 Mhz, broadcasting from Dhading district, was attacked by local administration on 23 September. Likewise, a gang of 15 people entered the station of Radio Madesh at Malangawa in Sharlahi District on January 28 and destroyed furniture and computer of the radio station. Due to the attack the radio’s broadcasting was blocked for some hours. Unidentified group attacked Narayani FM in Parsa District on February 21. Nepal Communist party Maoist lead by Netra Bikram Chand Salyan District committee threatened Salyan Cable Television to block its broadcasting through press release on July 27. These are some of the major issues faced by Nepali Journalists and Media House in 2016.

From the above data, we can say that Nepali press is still under threat and unsecure. Police attack on Media and Journalists during the strike and demonstration organized by different organizations shows that media persons and journalists are unsafe even from the part of Government.

Among these incidences of violation, there was some good news for Nepali press fraternity as well during the year. After the long pressure and dedication of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), the Government started Journalist Accident Insurance, where 1471 Journalists are taking facilities in the first and Second phase and the Third phase is going to start very soon. In the same way government has announced 50% discount for the Journalists on treatment at Governmental hospitals, whereas, implementation is still to be done.


List of Press Freedom Violation in the Year 2016



No. of Incidents


Journalist Arrest



Journalist Attack



Media organization Taken under control



Journalist Threats



 Journalist Detention



Journalist Harassments and Misbehave



Attack on Media House



Threats on Media



Obstruction in Media



Fired from the Job



Attack on Journalist Material